Sounds For Champions

Your Audio Motivation to...
  ...DO IT NOW!!!


From the producer of Sounds For Champions

 I had gotten out of shape and needed to light a fire under my ass and stop putting off my health and life priorities. However, after having listened to dozens of personal development , motivational and behavior modification programs for many years as well as reading and studying volumes of clinical studies on the subject, it became obvious that  most are ineffective at changing how you feel emotionally and creating sustained motivation to TAKE ACTION NOW! Books, blogs and video's are fine but their strategies can easily fade because you often have to stop and read or look at something. They require that you are stationary and static which is not conducive to action. Since audio is portable and perfect for repetitive listening on the go,I went to work on Sounds For Champions armed with a lifetime of experience and an understanding of how powerful what we hear is. Great music and speech work together to change our thinking and our feelings and motivate us to action. By combining some of the worlds most powerful music and sounds with speech, wisdom and inspiration from many great men and woman, you now have a program that will get you up and moving, focused and MOTIVATED to push yourself and DO IT NOW! Whether it's to improve your health, start a business, increase your wealth or simply be happier and more productive, Sounds For Champions is one of the best tools for you to make it happen now.


Making changes and improvements in your life and motivating you to grow and lead a healthy more productive life has been my goal.I want to thank you for allowing me to begin with you on your journey. I wish the very best for you and look forward to your success now and in the future.

JD Williams

How to use Sounds For Champions:




This three volume audio program includes wisdom and motivation from some of the most successful and accomplished individuals, scientists, Nobel laureates, Physicians, health experts, billionaire entrepreneurs, coaches, athletes, and the U.S. Armed Forces.

Regardless of your current routine it is highly recommended that the vast majority of your listening should be with a personal music device, comfortable headset and usually while walking outdoors or driving alone. All three volumes can also be listened to while driving or at home, but it is important that you do not use them while working or as just “background music”. Your active and attentive listening will allow you to get the most out of this program. Please choose a comfortable sound volume which is not too loud or too soft and follow the safe listening instructions for your music device. Listen to the program at least once a day for a half an hour or more at a time especially in the mornings while walking or preparing for the day and then again later in the day to keep things going. If you have a home gym or health club membership and you don’t feel like working out, or if you are starting a business venture or trying to push yourself to the next level in personal development, this is the time to listen to get you motivated to DO IT NOW... Avoid over use to maintain optimal results over time and even consider eventually mixing tracks with other music in your audio library.  Volume #1 can be listened to first and while relaxing but is not a primary “exercise right now” motivator and is more of a primer for Volumes 2 and 3.

Volume # 1




Many of the sounds, music and speech are mixed to create and associate feelings to certain things and activities. Also in Volume #1 are big ideas from smart successful people to get you thinking more about “the big picture” and how everything in your life from healthy food to work and relationships to creativity and discipline and good health are all connected. It is also to remind you of the dramatic trends in medicine, health-care and anti-aging and inspire you to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle now and for life.

Sample Track 11 Vol 1 Larry Ellison, Moby music, Susan Butcher, George Lucas, Jim Rohn, Amy Tan, Dr. Ben Carson and Nido Qubein

Sample Track 9 Vol 1 Anthony Robbins, Jim Rohn, John Powell music, Health/Life transformation Champion


Volume #1 is the primer volume and is designed to stimulate the important introspection and inspiration for you to begin making permanent improvements in your life. You can start here or get a boost from Volumes #2 and #3 first. There is a little tough love in Volume’s #1-3 which we all need to hear occasionally in order to be our best.


Volumes #2 and #3:

These two volumes are designed to get you moving and keep you moving. They contain the kind of coaching and motivation to help you achieve many of your goals in life. To get yourself in the mood to workout, accomplish more, and “DO IT NOW ”  listen to any track in Volumes #2 and #3 to get you going. Between songs you will often hear military “jodies” which are used to maintain rhythm (aka jogging cadences) and add some MOTIVATION to exercise or to GET THINGS DONE NOW! You will also hear the term “PT” which is what the American Armed Forces call “Physical Training”.

Sample Track 2 Vol 2 Weight Loss/health champions, Les Brown, Nido Qubein, Bill Phillips, Zig Ziglar, Pat Croce, Moby music, Vannessa Mae music, U.S. Army

Sample Track 7 Vol 2 Seth Godin, Escala music and U.S. Marines

Sample Track 14 Vol 3 Anthony Robbins, John Powell music, Future World Music, U.S. Marines

Sample Track 13 Vol 3 Jim Rohn, Peter Gabriel music, Clint Mansell music, Zig Ziglar, Pat Croce, U.S. Armed Forces


The tempo and intensity generally increase from Volume #2 through Volume # 3.  Avoid over use and over time consider mixing with other audio or music. Whenever you need a boost, slack off on things you know you should do, such as exercising, eating right and getting important things done, listen to Sounds For Champions for instant motivation so you get the feeling to ..

...“DO IT NOW !!”

Sample Track 1 Vol 2 Anthony Robbins, Pat Croce, U.S. Marines and Bond's Kashmir